Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Rubble for sale...

There are remarkable sites to see in the Bay these days- try $565,000 for the rubble above. This is on Beach Boulevard in Bay St. Louis- prime real estate on a good day, but to see it with a fresh 'for Sale' sign is sobering. I found myself asking two questions, "What are they thinking?" and secondly "Who would pay that?"

Presently, I am preaching through Luke 15 on Sunday mornings- the series is called, "The Lost and Found of the Kingdom of God" and last week we talked about the nature of the Father, a beachcombing God. It is amazing to note that God's nature is simply the answer to the above question..."Who would pay for that?" God says, "I would!" Consider that for a moment- not for an investment, not for nostalgia, but for love. God places an open bid on disaster sites. He openly claims those places that are rubble.

I find myself very often sitting in the mess of my life, not even willng to put out a sign, not worthy to be offered for sale and yet God comes asking, inquiring again and again- "is this property for sale?" You wouldn't want it- that is the cry of my heart, but yet the persistence of His spirit transacts the Gospel over and over again. Blessed, painful grace.

As God leaves us over and over again in the good/hard places where we have nothing but Himself I am praying for the grace that I would know He is indeed enough. I find my propensity is to pile up bricks, content to live there while He beckons me to live with Him. Pray for all of us that we may find grace in the rubble- he is calling us to go inquiring on the mess. Pray that we might go toward the mess as the messes we are. God is good. It is okay that we're not okay.

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