Wednesday, July 19, 2006

How does God Provide

We've prayed for many things in the last few months, things as big as trucks, and small as an ice maker that makes that awesome crushed ice. God has provided so much that we need. Yesterday, in the kitchen, Eric and Alecia asked me about some pots and pans needed. But didn't want to get them because we didn't "budget" for more kitchen equipment. Well, its much easier to pray for things, expectantly, than to see what we have in the "budget". Here is what they need: Things the Kitchen Needs (Metal) 5 6"deep full pans 10 4" deep full pans 8 2" deep full pans 8 1/3 x 4 " deep pans 8 1/2 x 4" deep pans 8 1/6 x 4" deep pans *Lids for ALL. (Plastic) 8 4" deep full pans and lids (Pots) 2 5 gallon pots 1 10 gallon pot 1 3 gallon pot 2 1 gallon pots (Misc) 1 grid plate for stove 1 electric mixer 1 electric can opener 2 large mixing bowls 10 Metal Serving Spons 2 Wire whips (one 18", one 14") 4 Chef's Knives 10", 12" or 14"

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