Friday, July 06, 2007

Inspections, Inspections...

Friday, we passed two inspections. One of the inspectiosn was a second time through after we fixed one homerun on the electrical. That was not our work that had to be fixed but Friday we passed after Andrew addressed the problem. The house that our volunteers and interns did all the work on passed wtih flying colors first time through. Passing inspections, one of the small things that has to happen or it can throw a big wrench into our plans for teams, especially when you are running 300 people. Thank the Lord for the skill and knowledge and also the inspection offices that have been extremely helpful, not lenient but helpful. Also pray for practical stuff like that to keep going smoothly, passing inspections may be some of the best news that Andrew, Clyde, and myself will get during a day, we love passing inspections. Of course we did have torrential rains that washed away some holes preventing us from calling for an inspection on a foundation but we are just saving up some good news for next week along with some dirty work for teams.

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