Sunday, July 01, 2007

Time to Gear Up

Yesterday morning the 300 campers with Group Work Camp left to head back to their respective parts of the country anywhere from Maryland, Georiga, Texas, Colorado, Washington state, Nebraska and Californa, and New Jersey. It is great to see people from all over the country coming to serve in the Bay. The staff and Group summer staff were found buzzing around the site cleaning top to bottom the main room, kitchen, bathrooms and bunkhouses as soon as all campers were gone. By about high noon we had completed all cleaning and were back in business. Today we have five groups coming- totaling 110 volunteers. As they start to trickle in we are getting geared up for another week in the Bay. Please pray that we have good weather and good fellowship as we all work together to continue work on houses in the area. It'll be great to see the progress over at the two LPC homes this week- Howell and Rousseau. Many other homes we are working on in conjunction with other organizations are in differing stages whether it is drywalling, roofing, framing or other stuff.

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