Thursday, July 12, 2007

Silly rain can't stop us

Throughout this week I have been out at the Russo site working with kids and adults from the Group WorkCamp crew. This shot was taken at the end of the day after all the work was done and cleanup commenced. Monday began the fun where we all got down and dirty in the trenches and holes ripping out rebar, and scooping out water, muck and fire ants. Tuesday the work continued and was less messy because the land had had more time to dry up. Wednesday is when the site transformed into a motocross mud pit into a plot of land suitable for a foundation. Jordan accompanied me out on the site Wednesday morning as the teams continued to bring the land to grade and even out trenches. Jordan and I worked with some of the kids to put together the rebar cages comprised of four four foot rebars in a square column. This cage serves as a support around which block are placed and then concrete poured into. In the pm of the day Andrew, Ryn and I finished building the cages, got the grade stakes ready and situated the cages into each of the 28 holes. The holes will each have a pillar to support the house. This morning I met with the inspector who gave us the go ahead to pour the footers in the holes enabling us to then begin the process of laying block. With the teams eager to work in the afternoon, Jordan, Andrew, Ryn and myself led the teams to victory... Our team operated like a mailman- rain, sleet, hail or snow, the concrete must come in... I mean a wet and messy good time. This is an action shot of the site when about 1/2 of the holes are poured. The concrete truck was scheduled to come at 1:30- it came at 2. So what else should happen during this time then a nice wet rainstorm soaking us all head to toe. This fun was then followed by the truck arriving and the mud getting muddier, and then fun getting funnier. What I mean is- the teamwork I saw out on this site was amazing. When people would get exhausted from moving wheelbarrows full of concrete- others immediately jumped in. Here is Jordan trucking along with a wheelbarrow. This hole was already poured with concrete but it is hard to see this because of the large amount of rainwater in the hole. Andrew left his mark with a new family pet for the Russo's- a concrete turtle.

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Jersey Ryn said...

sweet blog.

i LOVE working with you, andrew, jordan, group, the turtle, & don't forget the giant cricket monsters.

and especially in the mud & rain. :)