Monday, January 14, 2008

"In His Own Words"

The title reminds me of the NPR radio program with the name "In Their Own Words". Actually, I wanted to share with you the words of Richard Fisher, a recent volunteer, who came with Covenant from Harleysville, PA. Richard wrote his prose after our morning worship service. During our service we have a time for prayer requests. It was at that time that a lady in our congregation asked for prayer that '08 would be her year for a home. This is what he wrote: From January 8-16 my church sent 18 people to the Gulf Coast for restoration work due to the horrific storm Katrina. Even after two and a half years the Gulf Coast struggles to live. To my eyes, it's like a man who has suffered a heart attack. His only hope is if someone who knows C.P.R. helps him breath again. People who have chosen to stay and fight still face overwhelming problems. May I tell you about one such lady. I don't know her name or what she looks like, but I heard her voice and recognized her pain and what I heard was this... "Mr. Preacher man, it's been 902 days since Katrina hit, God's still working one day at a time to fit My thinking, my desire, my longing to sit, On my own porch. Mr. Preacher man, would you be so kind to tell the Lord that you're a friend of mine, Would you tell Him that I'm still alone, Wishing and hoping for my own home. Could this be the year, two thousand and eight, That everything will be suddenly set straight? Can you hear? Will you answer? this mournful plea. Surely God is speaking to you and to me.

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