Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Volunteer Says it all for 2007

As I pondered what to say to close out the year for 2007 we received this note from James Hildreth an RUF student from Auburn. It says precisely what I had hoped to say- Lagniappe has an amazing staff, the work is monumental, the Gospel is going forth and Christ's name is being lifted up in this city and in the lives of the volunteers- thanks James. *********************** 12/07 Dear Lagniappe Church, I was one of the RUF students from Auburn that came down to work on the blitz build last week. It ended up being a very special trip for me. I know that y'all put in a lot of work and preparation to take of all the visitors and actually get the construction done. The place felt like a home instead of a bunk house and the food alone was worth the trip, I thought that y'all did a great job of making Jesus the priority and not the house. My faith was definitely strengthened on the trip. I've done a couple of blitz builds with Habitat, and it's a great feeling to watch a house go up in a couple of days, but they did not touch my soul the way this past weekend did. It's amazing how God works. I went thinking that I was going to help somebody else, but I feel that I was helped as much as anybody. It was also real fun to get to know everybody down there. I had a great time meeting people from the staff, to the RUF students from other schools, to becoming better acquainted with the folks from Auburn. Our trip to New Orleans and bonfire at the beach were really a lot of fun, The sign in your church that reads, "Enter as Strangers, Leave as Friends" is very true. Thank you again for letting me come work and visit. Have a Merry Christmas and I will be keeping you and the community in my prayers. I hope that I can make another trip to Lagniappe in the future. Sincerely, James Hildreth

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