Thursday, January 17, 2008

Things at Lagniappe are so busy right now-March is full, June is full, and half of July is full! We are so thankful that God continues to bring volunteers to us to help with the restoration of the area. I am facing some serious personal trials and I would love for those who are faithful to pray to intercede for me in prayer for strength and God's mighty work to be done-to bring the lost to Himself, to right the wrong, and to bring a beautiful picture of His love to my life. That I would feel God singing over me and never doubt His goodness in my life, even when the clouds are so prominent. If you've been trying to reach me, I promise I will call ya back! I know there are many of you that want to come help do some work, and we want you to come! If there are dates that you want to come and they are full, please use that time to pray for us.... Thanks! Cammie

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cammie:

Just praying for you, sister, and the rest of the wonderful crew. Be of good courage!

Joan Prange, Gainesville, FL