Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Restorers of Dwellings

"You will be called restorers of streets and dwellings..............." Isaiah 58:12 Thanks to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (known as MEMA around here) one of our regular church attenders, Shirley Hightower, moved into her MEMA cottage today! Shown here with Shirley on her beautiful front porch are NCCC staff members Jillian Amrich, Emily Buckley and Angie Caldwell.
NCCC is an Americorp group currently living and working with Lagniappe. Americorps National strengthens communities and develops leaders through team-based national and community service, and are a GREAT help to Lagnaippe in many ways. Today they graciously helped Shirley move into her new home.
Thanks, NCCC!
Welcome to your new home, Shirley!

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