Thursday, January 17, 2008

so what exactly do you do....??

This is one of the questions I am most commonly asked. The moment you say you graduated 2007, people look at you enthusiastically and say, "so! what do you do?" I usually begin by saying "I'm resource coordinator for Lagniappe" to which they respond, "hmmmmm, so what EXACTLY do you do?" (This is after I explain what on earth Lagniappe means) Well....I fumble around, it's something like "recruiting volunteers, raising financial support, and raising prayer support." Most people nod and leave it at that-at the most smile and say something like "that must be fulfilling." Those who venture to press further hear me fumble through "well, I email folks, I travel, I call churches, I write articles, I run errands, I work in the tool crib, I go to Lowes...." Some days I'm in my office all day making phone calls and writing emails; somedays I'm working in the tool crib. Usually what happens is I begin in the office around 8 am, writing emails and making phone calls, somewhere around 9 am I get a phone call saying "I have a flat tire; hook up the trailer and bring the flat-bed pick up truck...oh and by the way bring some wrenches with you when I come." I drive down some dirt roads, deliver materials, go to Lowes to pick up more materials, and I return around 10:30 am. I return a few phone calls, make a cup of tea, and go talk to Ruth in her office. From 11-12, I work on a slideshow presentation, quitting at 12 to each lunch and let off steam that's building from frustration with technology (I do better with quill pens and owl mail). From 1-4, I plan my trip to Texas, or Oxford MS, or one of the other exciting places I get to go. By 4:30 I'm wrapping up for the day, sending out final emails and clearing my office desk. Then I get a phone call, "We need insulation hung tonight; the house is being sheet-rocked tomorrow" so I leave my computer and head to the Foster home. We hang insulation in the dark till 7:30--listening to Journey, Shawn McDonald, and anything else on the random Ipod playlists....I'm an office girl who drives a flat-bed pickup truck and likes it. I'm a PR rep who hangs insulation (but you can tell I don't do it often because I'm not very good at it). I am a mountain lover who lives by the beach; I am a banker's daughter who loves working in a mini home-depot, and I'm a Christian who's learning I barely understand the Gospel I proclaim. That's what I do....I love my job, but if you ask me to explain it, it might take a while :)

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Rebecca Dalrymple said...

My dear SD,
Excuse me... you "fumble around, recruiting, raising financial support,raising prayer support, running errands, working in the tool crib, going to Lowes, picking up supplies, making phone calls, writing emails, fixing a flat tire, bringing the flat bed, driving down dirt roads, delivering materials, etc.... should I repeat all that you mentioned? " So whether you or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." 1 Cor 10:31. You are doing a great work.
Thank God for this opportunity, it is a blessing. Becky