Sunday, January 06, 2008

Known as "The John Maudlin Group"

These group of guys are simply known as the "John Maudlin Group" on the calendar here at Lagniappe. That or when Lynne Sabin and I discuss them as my friends or your group. Notice that knowing some one here at Lagniappe at best gets you shoved in the bunkhouse that at the moment is being used for storage, great connection. Anyway, these guys have been coming around since before Lagniappe even existed and built sheds with Conrad, one of the contractors on staff with LPC early on, before much else was established. Gutting houses and building sheds are how we got started back with housing teams at Morrell on the beach with groups like this. If you ever run into John, Caleb, Andrew, and Ben ask them about the time the shed fell off the trailer while traveling down the road. It is a fun story to tell and hear but it is also a story of God's providence and grace. This week these guys laid tile in a house that Lagniappe built from the ground up and among other things moved a refrigerator into a repair that we took part of. From moving sheds to now an organization that builds houses, has the supervision and skill on staff to allow these guys to lay tile and lay it good and fast (thanks Clyde) and is still around two years later. Having groups like this return are a reminder of all God has done in this place. What they may have thought as a weekend trip to build sheds turns out is the foundation and starting point of what God built this church out of. They were the first to move towards brokenness out of brokenness for the declaration and demonstration of God's love here at Lagniappe and begin the practical application of how we were going to do this. Thanks for coming back guys and glad to hear you found crawfish.

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