Monday, March 27, 2006

A Beautiful Day to Serve

The Madiera Silverwood team assembled this morning and received their assignments for the day. One team is being trained in shed construction. These 'skill-in-training' folks will be the group leaders/foremen for shed building throughout the week. Team #2 is roofing a home 1 mile north of the beach. The homeowner's story reveals that the elderly resident had water into the attic. He had to swim for 4 hours to stay alive. Imagine your neighborhood and your house in 12 feet of water. A tree fell across the house and the roof is being repaired by the team. Jordan Sikma is heading this team. His mother and father are also on site. We welcome them from Chattanooga. Team #3 is drywalling. Weather is high 60's with clear blue skies. Thanks for your prayers.

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