Thursday, March 30, 2006

No late fees....

Although most of our Blogging is serious TAKE NOTE OF THIS 'LESS THAN SERIOUS' PHOTO: this dog's owner had him leashed up with an unwound spool of VHS video tape. The dog and owner were taking a walk outside of Morrell while washing clothes. At one point the Chiuaua (sp?) made a run for it and the white spool fell to the ground unwinding let's say, 28 minutes of the video. The owner 'paused' the tape, 'rewound' the dog and life went back to 'normal'. I took the picture with my phone trying to look inconspicuous as if I was on a call. Funny thing is that down here living under blue tarps, eating miscellaneous food and clearing all types of debris- they acutally didn't look that out of place. They say that "necessity is the mother of invention", we say "GIT 'ER DONE!"

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