Friday, March 31, 2006

Back in the other Louis -- ville

Cammie and I arrived back in Louisville with good news. We have found a house in the Bay, and we are working on details and hope that it will all work out. I'll be back down there early next week to work on some business issues, and try and get these trucks from the dealership to the work site. We've got groups coming in, I believe it's a group of 80 coming in this weekend. We can't wait to hear about Jordan, and the homeowner that took him on his crab boat. Keep us all in your prayers, with Jean on the road, and our travel next week and so much else going on, fatigue has become an issue, at least with me. We all need strength, we need to be encouraged in our work, we need God's blessings every day.


Alice Sikkema said...

I am so glad you found a house! It was great meeting you, Cammie, and little Kate! As Jordan's parents we are so grateful for all the godly influences God has placed in his life! Thank you for making an impact!

Andy said...

Thank YOU for everything you did for us at that house. Making it clean and baby friendly was such a blessing as well. You need to come back soon. Bring more cookies. We'll keep an eye on Jordan for you.