Friday, March 03, 2006

"Biggest" contribution yet!

Last week our family was talking about the church and praying for the specific needs of the coast and the new plant. One of the items we prayed for was fundraising. Several hours passed and Hannah Grace (who turns 9 tomorrow) walked in the den and handed me the note above. It reads: "DADDY TAKE 100 DOLLARS OUT OF MY SAVINGS FOR THE LANYAP CHURCH. LOVE HGL" She is our 'saver' and has had that money from last Christmas and allowances saved up. I told her at first that I couldn't take it- she was saving for an American Girl doll. Hannah got these big alligator tears in her eyes and I realized I was stifling her gift to the church. I told her I would take it and I will do so. I imagine in the big scheme of things this will be our 'largest donation.' Humbling.

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Les said...

Jean.. If there is one thing you have taught me it is to be needy and accept the gifts of others. It is often harder to accept when you can really see the sacrifice of another for you. However, this is the message of the cross and what a beautiful sacrifice it was. Way to go HGL and way to go Jean!