Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Travelling to Crystal Springs, MS

Sorry, for the lack of posts in the past couple of days- here's a rundown. On Monday RUF- Davidson College, Furman and Southern Mississippi came to the coast along with a group of carpenters who are building bunkhouse #2- the RUF'ers worked on storage sheds and helped with the mucking out of some homes- 5 p.m. left the Bay and drove to Jackson, MS, spent the night with Trey and Kathleen Biggs 4:30 a.m. left Jackson on Tuesday a.m. to be in Southaven for a Crown on my left Molar- fun, fun, fun- AND a replacement filling! But on the brighter side- got to see the FAMILY! We went out to dinner and I woke up in my home this morning. Check out and see the new paint job on the house- Kim did all the contracting, got the painter, hired the carpenter- I couldn't be doing this without her! Presently, we've checked the children out of school early and headed to the church where all 3 were baptized while we were in seminary. I'm speaking at the Wednesday night supper and then we're all going to the coast tomorrow- skipping school and then back to Memphis tomorrow night. I'll be in Memphis til Sunday where I'm going to do a profession of faith with Courtney Fair and then to the coast to meet the RUF group from Wake Forest on Sunday afternoon. Whew. I'm tired even typing that. I'll post some photos a.s.a.p.

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