Saturday, April 01, 2006

RUF UGA... the ripples of the Gospel

I read this post about the trip Meghan took with her trip to Lagniappe... I've pulled a short quote out, read the whole post on her blog.
"...This past week I ventured down to Waveland, MS with UGA's RUF (Reformed University Fellowship). I am still processing the event that took place and trying to understand the eternal consequences of the trip. However, I know that I felt for one of the first times in my life alive in Christ, seeing the work of my hands giving glory and honor to God...."

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Meghan K Lloyd said...

This is Meghan, the girl who wrote this quote. My thoughts are not much, but that my week in Waveland was a true testimony to the grace and provision God has for the gulf-coast. Praise God for Lagniappe Church, he is working wonders.

give me Christ or else i die,
Meghan Lloyd