Thursday, April 27, 2006

On the road again...soon

Today has been unreal so far. The plans for our building rehab have been 'stamped'- that means approved for all of you PCA ministers out there who aren't contractors on the side. The power pole has been put up. The water is slated to be turned on. Jordan has done an unreal job of clearing the lot. Two men from the OPC (Orthodox Presbyterian Church) have come to town seen the Larroux Katrina tour and are excited about teams coming in to work with us (thanks for the contact Jocie!). We have had a call about trucks. I am trying to get panels for 4 bunkhouses donated. Packing to go to the EPC presbytery meeting in Memphis tomorrow and will be back in Bay St. Louis Saturday morning to meet with Arklie Hooten. Pray for me as I travel today and late Friday, early Saturday morning. Keep Andy, Curt and Jocie in your prayers as well. As you can see from Andy's blog they are fish out of water in a conference room. They would probably feel more at home in the hotel parking lot next to the grease trap or discarded boxes- it would feel more like the Bay.

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