Friday, April 21, 2006

On another Coast...

I think my blood has thinned- Seattle was freezing by Mississippi standards! But it was great seeing the family and getting away, to a seemingly put-together city in another world. Bay St. Louis seemed like a strange dream looking at the city sky line and feeling the energy of a population accustomed to their lives functioning as planned.

One of the greatest things about Seattle are the book stores and coffee shops, and you get into some of the best conversations in either. A man sitting next to me in a coffee shop noted that I was reading Desiring God, and asked if it was any good. Trying to explain Christian hedonism to him, I watched him nod and say, 'well yeah, I feel the closest to any kind of creator when I'm skiing. The mountains are my temple.' Smiling, I agreed that the beauty of creation does point to our creator. But the conversation left me wondering what a hurricane, or more plausibly, an earthquake would do for Seattle. I have to trust that God is building His kingdom and working in the hearts of men, with natural disasters or quiet conversations. They both can convict; the Holy Spirit doesn't need the aid of broken homes to make men vulnerable enough to listen. Lord, make me vulnerable enough to listen. ~Isaiah 62:4

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