Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fastest Sheds on the Coast

Our guests today are Randy and Courtney, two members of the legendary crew from Covenant Christian High School in Grand Rapids, MI or GR as it is know to those who know her. Lets see what drives this crew to complete an unprecedented two sheds in one day. Randy, what has been the key to your crews success and legendary achievements? "Team work and leadership." Courtney, how has the leadership (also known as dad to you) kept the group on task and where have you had to pick up the slack to make up for his shortcomings? "Being older and "afraid of heights" we have had to be the muscle and take care of the roof but without his guidance we wouldn't be able to do it alone. As he was gone we tried to do it by ourselves but the measurements were wrong. On his return, he knew exactly what to do and got us back on track." Courtney, did the lose of two team members hurt the team or was Randy able to pick up the slack? "When they left, we each had something to do and no one was doing nothing and Randy picked up a little but it was a team effort mostly carried by the girls." Randy, what type of experience did ya'll have to prepare you for such great feats? "Well, not too much at the beginning but Conrad led the way through the first shed and we're all pretty quick learners." Randy, how has the work been? "Its fun work because you do not have to wear masks or anything and your outside all the time and just the look on the peoples faces when your done with the shed, how much they light up and appreciate what you have done for them. Also, if you have the right host for the shed you are building, they will offer you lunch and there is nothing like a good southern lunch." Courtney, being the lilulist (littlest) how have you still been able to step up as the inspiration for the team? "Well, I could of stayed home or done something else for springbreak, but God wanted me to come and help out with Hurricane Katrina Relief group and no one really knows how good they have it at their own home until you see what has happened down here. God used me to be a good steward of his creation. He used me even in my weaknesses." Randy and Courtney, thank you for coming down and setting the precedent for shed building teams. We are impressed by two sheds in a day but more importantly grateful for your willingness to serve the Lord in Bay St. Louis. Thank you for loving your neighors down here.


Anonymous said...

nice work, gang!

Anonymous said...

wow way to go!