Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Two Walls Up

The team from Oldes Baptist of Alberta has two walls up, one built and ready to stand, and another on the way. They should have all four walls up tomorrow and begin work on the trusses. Check the site out tomorrow for pictures of house #2 in Pearlington.
We are praying for more teams and more funds to help other families. Troy and Kelly are just one of thousands of famililes in need. Please consider putting together a team and coming down.


Les said...

does that dog have 3 legs or is he scratching? just curious... :).. be well, Leslie

Anonymous said...

Curt, it's good to see progress. God is good in all circumstances and it was good to see some of the "amazing things" you speak of happening during my "day in the Bay" last week.
God bless.