Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Olds' Progress in Pearlington

Resting from their labors. While we consider the temperature to be cool our friends from up north commented that weather today would be considered peak summer temps in Canada. It was in the 70's. They haven't felt the heat yet.
Just stopping to pose
Reporting from day three fails to show that this team arrived on Monday to a house that had walls framed up. What they have done is add siding, tyvek, and trusses. The trusses had to be built on site. Way to go!
Day three and they are making wonderful progress. Vicki is the homeowner in Pearlington, MS. Pearlington is approx. 15 miles West of Bay St. Louis/Waveland. Vicki has two small children, lost everything in the storm, and lost her husband to suicide prior to the Katrina. It is marvelous to witness this teams love for people and their interaction and care. They are making a big impact in this family's life. Tomorrow the group spins off 7 to build a shed. They are still eager and willing!
Vicki is third from the right.

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Allan said...

Wow! It's great to see so many people involved in restoring what was lost.

Thanks for the updates. You do a good job with the website.