Thursday, April 20, 2006

If you don't do anything else please do this

Many of you have asked, "How can I help?". While there are many, many physical needs the one that we need most is prayer. We need, and COVET, your prayers. The money will come, the equipment will come but only with prayer will lives be changed and will the people in working on this ministry survive. I would love to have 100 people signed up to daily pray for the church, and we will send out specific prayer requests if you sign up here. If you think about it, 100 people isn't that many, but you 100 people praying will make a huge difference. I'll go ahead and give you 3 to start with. 1. Building: We are working on getting a lease on a building signed and work started on getting it ready to house folks for the summer (and the next few years)... We need that to get finalized soon so that teams can get in there. Pray also for both the church, and the other party to have their interests protected. 2. Family: Jean is on the road, I'm on the road, Curt's on the road, etc.... We need your prayers as we seek to both work with the kingdom, and with our families. I'll go ahead an say specifically, pray for patience from my spouse. (I know you'll read this and I love you honey...) But we both need an extra measure of patience and grace as we try and move. I'm sure the others would echo these requests. 3. Housing: Jean has a house for sale. I have a house for sale, I need to find a house to buy in the Bay. (if anyone's interested in a good deal in Louisville, now is the time). Pray that those transactions can happen smoothly, and that Cammie and I can find a suitable house for our family. Ok, so now you have some things to start with. If you want to be on our prayer list, where we can send you specific requests, and you can also pick an individual to pray for please click here.

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Allan said...

I was in Bay St. Louis April 6-9 with Curt and was overwhelmed with all the details, planning, and logistics involved in what all of you are doing. I praise the Lord for you and looking forward to doing what we can to help. I plan to be back with a team from our church, East Lanier Community in Buford, GA, October 7-14. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring the work and my good friend, Curt, before the Lord with specific needs.