Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I'm your Huckleberry

There are many things seen here in this picture that speak to what goes on with the Lagniappe Church folks. First and foremost I would like ya'll to observe the window in the background, dark thus it is late and Andy, the focal point of this picture for more reasons than one, is still working as normal. Jean is off to the side jumping from one task to another keeping us all up until he just disappears to bed. Conrad is also in the room but is not seen, behind the scenes as usual. As I write this blog I'm asking Conrad of all the organizations that he has guided and funded and helped and given direction to. We are one the many organizations that are blessed to have his help. Often being there but not pictured or behind the scenes as you might say, Conrad has been directly invovled in getting millions of dollars of aid to those who truly need it. Moving back into the picture you may notice a bright orange level looking thing-a-ma-jig. This is a pitch-finder, a great tool that Craig McCallister created to measure the pitch of a roof; simply place and read rather than measure this and that and do that math. Check his time saving device out at pitchfinder.net. Getting back on the point this is just one of many signs of the help that we have recieved from many different people. Craig is a designer who did all of the blueprints for the reconstruction of our building and set our buildings up to code, and did it for a fraction of the cost while working into the wee hours of the night. Four more quick points. 1. Also noticeable is the clutter on the table. Yes, this place is not clean, there are no women here at this time. Andy misses his wife Cammie and daugther Tater, Conrad is missing Melissa and his family in North Carolina, Jean's family is still in Memphis anticipating their move, and I, well I feel right at home in the mess after living with guys in apartments for the past five years. 2. If you would notice the projector in the corner of the picture that is often used for presentations but at this moment is helping us relax by showing an episode of "The Office." Work and play is all intertwined down here, its all a good time. 3. Can you also see the carpet, we finally have carpet, its the small things that you learn to appreciate down here. 4. Finally, everyone please notice Andy's great pj pants. This is the whole reason I blogged, just to post a picture of Andy in his cowboy pants. Ain't they adorable. Please come down and be a part of all that goes on down here, pictures are worth a thousand words and sorry this blog is about that long, but its hard not to get carried away talking about all that the Lord is doing. O, and come see Andy in his giddy up gear.