Friday, April 14, 2006

Done and Done

Lt. Dan as we have so fondly gotten to know him as has seen a few teams in the past two weeks. This picture is a culmination of about four or five teams worth of work. Two weeks ago we began with gutting the house. The pile pictured is actually the remnants of its former self. There was so much stuff that came out of the house we it spilled to far away from the road to be picked up. The LSU RUF group gets the joy of moving this pile for the last time but hopefully you can also notice they get the joy of seeing a finished roof that looks good and holds water out. So, to our Altanta youth group that left this massive pile and cleaned out the house, Its will all be hauled off soon. To our Nashville church that tore of the roof and started shingling you can rest easy, it is finished. To Trey, Bain, and Walt, thanks for getting me to a point where I could finish the roof today and leave at a decent time to go home and make it to the mountains, and finally to our LSU group pictured, lucky dogs, you got to see a finished project that took a team effort from folks all over the nation. Thanks to everyone helping us finish this project. Now I can take a break, hit the Smoky Mountains and not worry about rain in Bay St. Louis due to a house that we didn't cover up. Next blog hopefully I will be charged to be back and have a picture of a bear to blog about to go with the bear of a task that we plan on tackling next.

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Jocie said...

Congrats on the roof, Jordan, you should be proud. Don't get mauled by the bear, the blog isn't worth it.