Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Loving life on the coast...Jackson style

A couple of morning's ago the furriest member of the Larroux family got his orientation to the coast. As Jordan and I got the groups 'launched' for the morning Jackson found his way to the marsh. As if something in his bones screamed 'YOU WERE MADE FOR THIS!' he romped in the muddy marsh, wallowed in the broken stems of water plants and dragged sticks/debris for us to see. Following the 'wallowing' we took him to the beach for a little clean off in the salt water. It was a profoundly deep picture for me- watching Jackson wallow in filth and then rinsed clean in the gulf- doing what he was made to do, yet not seeing all that clung to him in the midst of that. Like father, like dog. May God give us all the grace to see what clings so easily and yet the gulf that awaits to cleanse us!

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