Thursday, April 20, 2006

Quiet is Good

It has been a slow week according to the blog. Not much has been reported. That's not to say nothing has happened. While most of the staff is away and no teams were booked this week, that doesn't mean that the wheels of progress have stopped. There have been meetings, phone calls, emails, interviews with summer interns, and much needed rest from the natural flow of life "post Katrina." Jordan is somewhere on the Appalachian Trail, Jocie is working from a secret location on a remote island near Seattle (for real), and Jean has been galavanting around the Southeast promoting the ministry. Andy is trying to move, maintain a business while in Louiseville, MS. Conrad, and I are still here anticipating several teams arriving end of week; Nashville Presbytery and a Rotary group from Pennsylvania. Hopefully we can make more progress on Troy and Kelly's and possibly begin rebuilding of several small homes-roofing, electrical, and drywall. We will also follow-up with families to see how they are doing. It's all good. I can't imagine life that is normal, nor would I desire it now. God is good. He gives us what we need. Someone once wrote, " All that God sends is necessary. Nothing that He withholds can be." I'm holding on to that for dear life.

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