Saturday, April 01, 2006

A day on the Bay

I got to go sailing today with some friends that we've helped with house gutting. It was strange to ignore my phone and rely on the fact that the teams would be ok (with the help of Jordan and Curt of course). But soon it felt gloreous, to sit in the bright sun and feel the wind and watch the skeletal structures on the beach fade. Talking with Jen and her boyfriend, and hearing her fears about not getting an electrician to see her home, I felt myself ease into the role of spectator for the first time in 5 weeks. They weren't asking me to fix it, or to send another team, but just to listen and to empathize. It was good to step into their world again, to feel the helplessness, the fear for myself and see how daunting life is when it's literally a mess. But the Lord brought Jen onto our radar, and He won't leave her, nor will we. Brokeness is such a theme here- none of us feel adequate for the task of helping, or being helped. It's humbling to see the need, and know you can't fill it and that the Lord will have to work his daily miracles here. But there's room for wonder and joy in this messy Bay, and I love what He's doing. Posted by Picasa

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