Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ganglion Petting Zoo

C.S. Lewis, "Miracles"
You are probably quite right in thinking that you will never see a miracle done...They come on great occasions: they are found at the great ganglions of history-not of political or social history, but of that spiritual history which cannot be fully known by men. If your own life does not happen to be near one of those ganglions, how should you expect to see one? If we were heroic missionaries, apostles, or martyrs, it would be a different matter. But why you or I? Unless you live near a railway, you will not see trains go past your windows. How likely is it that you or I will be present when a peace-treaty is signed, when a great scientific discovery is made, when a dictator commits suicide? That we should see a miracle is even less likely. Nor, if we understand, shall we be anxious to do so. "Nothing almost sees miracles but misery." Miracles and martyrdom tend to bunch about the same areas of history-areas we have naturally no want to frequent.
"Nothing almost sees miracles but misery."The greatest natural disaster to hit the United States occured where we are ministering. As a bearded sage once wrote:
Before Renewal, Brokenness
a. Hurricane Katrina sovereignly created great physical need and sovereignly exposed existing spiritual need.
b. The neediness and effects of the fall were truly present prior to Katrina, but only truly felt on a much broader scale after the storm.
c. Renewal presupposes brokenness- Grace isn’t amazing until sin is.
d. Brokenness, repentance and confession must be modeled to be hallmarks of this ministry.
Miracles may not happen where you are but they are happening here! There are still openings for groups this summer. See our web-site or contact Jocie Slepyan. Why ride Space Mountain when you can ride the ganglion!

"Unless you live near a railway, you will not see trains go past your windows."

Pray about coming, talk with your pastor, and get down here. The train passes daily.

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