Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday Morning

Pictured from left to right are David & Julie Skinner, David Brand, Jocie Slepyan, and Jordan Sikkema. Standing in front of First Presbyterian Biloxi immediately following worship. The church sits across the street from the Gulf and had only three feet of water inside but note the exterior. Plywood replaces front doors which were blown off the hinges. Notice the first column is off just a bit. David S., Julie, and David B. have been at the center of disaster relief for Biloxi, Gulfport, Ocean Springs, Long Beach, and Bay St. Louis. Jocie has been coordinator for teams coming into the Bay. She meets families, assesses needs, loves on people, and books all short term teams for MNA. Jordan is boy wonder. He does everything. He asesses teams, leads teams, prays with families, and a great joy to work with.


Jordan Sikkema said...
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Jordan Sikkema said...

Thanks Curt

Ben said...

Jean, Curt, Jocie, Jordan, Andy...and any new staff additions:

We glorify God for the work He is accomplishing in the Gulf. The Church in Athens is lifting each of you up by name, praying that in you and through you God will be planting and nurturing seeds; that He will sanctify you through the trials He leads you through; that He will preserve your strength for His Kingdom's work and your zeal for His Name; and that He would grant you rest in knowing that precisely where you are weak He is strong, where your faith is fleeting and faltering, His faithfullness is enduring and guaranteed by Covenant.

In Christ,
your brother

Hebrews 13:5-6

Curt Moore said...

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement. Let us know about your RUF intern status.