Monday, April 10, 2006

Back in the Bay...

I just returned to Bay St. Louis this afternoon after spending the weekend in Memphis for Ann Elizabeth's 10th birthday. Great news- we got another contract on our home- a few less green stamps than the last, but a contract no less- thanks for the prayers. Tomorrow we are meeting with several folks about the possiblity of rehabilitating a building we are trying to lease. The progress is a bit slower than we'd like, but God's timing is indeed perfect. Little seems to have changed in the Bay since I left, but there are encouraging individual stories of progress. In a sense to see 'progress' in the Bay-Waveland area you have to take a Micro not a Macro view. There are indivdual families helped, individuals prayed with, shingles hung and freshly mudded sheetrock. The kingdom seems to move forward one house, sometimes one room, often one person at a time on the coast. Pray for the hearts of the teams and families as they connect on a day to day basis. Special thanks to Curt, Jocie and Jordan who have been holding down the fort for the past week.

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