Saturday, April 14, 2007

Creativity Redeemed

While I might question the redemptive qualities of LSU colors it is true nonetheless, in Christ the things of the fall are claimed for Christ and restored. That includes art, business, marriage, everthing touched by the effects of the fall. This includes RUF students from LSU taking a broken, rusted out roof vent and making a sign for their group. I love the way Albert Wolters describes this work of Christ in his book "Creation Regained."
Wolters writes,"The original good creation is to be restored. The practical implications of that intention are legion. Marriage should not be avoided by Christians, but sanctified. Emotions should not be repressed, but purified. Sexuality is not simply to be shunned, but redeemed. Politics should not be delcared off-limits, but reformed. Art ought not to be prounounced worldly, but claimed for Christ. Business must no longer be relegated to the secular world, but must be made to conform again to God-honoring standards. Every sector of human life yields such examples. In a very significant sense this restoration means that salvation does not bring anything new. Redemption is not a matter of an addition of a spiritual or supernatural dimension to creaturely life that was lacking before; rather, it is a matter of bringing new life and vitality to what was there all along."
Participating in the Restoration is our mandate, our calling, our joy. Even a sign with LSU colors displays the beauty of Christ's restoration in the Bay, however, garnet and gold might be more redemptive. Go NOLES.

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