Monday, April 23, 2007

Kitchen Wrap Up

Jean Larroux IV Mike Bloom and Kim Larroux Dave Horodecky, Ryan our new addition to staff, and Cheryl D'Avy For those of you who have been here recently you may have noticed that our kitchen has been gutted. Through sand-blasting, buffing, painting, trimming, tear-out and all sorts of other tasks we have been trudging away to get this thing done before we have higher numbers here this Wednesday night. This Sunday afternoon project was particulary exciting becuase even if you were not here recently you may recognize Mike Bloom, Cheryl D'Avy, and Dave Horodecky. They worked alongside of our Lagniappe staff to get this stuff done so the installers could come Monday in the AM and put in all our new equipment. For those who do not know the story the camp that we got all of our first equipment from is coming back so we had to restock our kitchen. The exciting part for the chefs Eric and Alisha is the new equipment, the exciting part for me is Lagniappe functioning as a normal church. Given we are not normal but we had folks from the congregation, folks whose houses we worked on, folks who still have plenty of work to do before they can move into their homes and out of FEMA trailers here helping Lagniappe out with the most vital parts of the operation. Volunteers have to eat to work and these folks gave up an afternoon to put in time here to help us out. Both Mike and Dave have been around quite a bit and it was very exciting and encouraging to work alongside of them here especially knowing that they would be going home to a FEMA trailer.

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