Thursday, April 26, 2007

NAME THIS EVENT! Just a bunch of people gathered in a field? Judge Judy (Eshee) making small talk or saying something profound? All of the above! This is the annual MSU RUF Crawfish Boil at Judge and Judy Eshee's house in Starkville, MS. At this very event in 2006, the Lord used Andy and Cammie Chapman to introduce the Sabins to Lagniappe, and the rest is history! The guys leaning on the truck are Nathan Tircuit, the MSU RUF minister, and Ryan Kalberkamp, the latest victim to fall in the Lagniappe net! Ryan has now joined the Sabins on staff at Lagniappe as a project supervisor, which will enable him to make great use of the construction degree he received from good ole MSU! (We needed another bulldog around here!) As John and I review the last year of our lives which lead us to Lagniappe, it has been amazing to also look back over the whole 32 years of our marriage to see how the Lord prepared us and laid the groundwork for us to be at Lagniappe, even using MSU RUF in the process! God is awesome, and when we learn to trust Him in every area of our lives, even when we don't understand at the time, it is amazing how His perfect plan unfolds to be something we never even imagined for ourselves. Thank you, Jesus, for bringing us here!

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