Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thanks For Coming

This last weekend my parents were in Destin, FL and were able to come out for a Saturday. My pops had been down last year in March and we with the help of a team from Ohio roofed a house. My mother was here last July so she had seen the property unlike my dad but both hadn't seen the church for some time. Showing people around that you know is when you actually realize how far Lagniappe has come. Rob and Lisa Walcott, two friends from Holland, MI were down the week before and did the same with a one day visit while being in Destin. Both Rob, Lisa, my Mom, and Dad get quiet as you show them around. Rob asked me what it is like, that it seems pretty romantic being down here and doing what we do. It really isn't. Half the time we joke about getting out of here but in the same sentence you can't deny that you absolutely love it here. Lagniappe is different in that we do live outside of what we can do, it is just to obvious that it is not us. In that regard it is romantic, in that God would love us so much to use us to advance His kingdom. It is so good to be able to see family and friends that you love especially when it is hard to keep up with folks outside of the bay because it does take it out of you here. It ain't easy trying to keep up with new volunteers each week who are excited to be here but it is fun, mostly. O, and by the way, Batch, I would like you to notice if you read this that our haircuts are not the same.

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Batch said...

As soon as I saw the picture, even before I read that part of entry, I was thinking exactly that. So here's to you Mr. I-don't-have-the-same-haircut-as-my-mom-anymore man.