Thursday, April 26, 2007

No, we haven't moved all the toilets outside permanently, but this awesome crew from City Church of Greensboro, NC were the bathroom renovation crew, and not only did they move the toilets out and back in again, they also tiled the bathroom floors! (Ryn: you will be so excited; no more cleaning the floors on your hands and knees!) Also from City Church, the folks laying around on the kitchen floor did an awesome job putting a new floor finish down in our renovated kitchen, but it slap wore them out doing it! Hope the floor lasts longer than this tired crew. Thanks, ya'll!

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jersey ryn said...

... tile--what? whatever will i do with myself next weekend?? :P

i LOVE this picture. it looks like the early days again. :)

lynne--i love your blogging! can't wait to see you. :)