Thursday, March 13, 2008

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Above are some photos taken of RUF students from the University of South Carolina as they help pour concrete for one of Lagniappe's new foundations. This endeavor requires people to hold the hose from the ground, and people to hold the hose in an arc so that concrete goes into the block. It requires people placing hurricane strapping into concrete, using trowels to scrape excess concrete from the top, screwing wood things (I work in the office) into the hurricane strapping to secure something to something else...........all of which these guys learned to do. When looking at the photos be sure to note the importance of "management" (in the aviators with 7 up), and the appropriate foot wear as sported by two other students. Be sure to also note that, in the event your tools do not fit in an ordinary tool belt, you can stick them in a regular belt just as effectively and stylishly. Finally, note the "water-front" view this property has (you might have to look closely). Oh, and last but not least, it was a good thing one girl was holding up the walk boards as I passed over them or I would have been in trouble :) Thanks RUF USC!!!

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jersey ryn said...

can i just say how much i LOVE ruf usc??? come back soon!!