Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tuesdays by Cammie

Many of you team leaders know that you talk to me, interact, email and email and email, call me to set up trips-but what you may not know is that I am a mom that works from home and I love talking with you, emailing details, and making final head counts for your trips at Lagniappe! Our favorite day is coming to Lagniappe on Tuesday mornings for staff meetings and other meetings. We are first greeted by Keri. Keri is the awesome woman at the front desk that manages phone calls, requests, and is a generally wonderful lady to run things. She makes us understand how precious people are and we love her attitude! We are also greeted by Sarah Pigford. Sarah is hot and fresh from Mississippi College, my alma mater, and is so ready to help assist Carol, or anyone, with daily tasks. She is doing a fabulous internship with us and we are so glad she is here! She is a Social Work major and is a blessing to our staff. Next, we usually run into Curt Moore, the assistant pastor. Curt doesn't really work at LPC. We just let him think he does. Just kidding. He is usually present, working on sermons, home visits, making time to talk with staff, or returning phone calls. He is also instrumental in recruiting our summer interns. He is very sweet with Kate, and his wife Kelly is especially a favorite of Kate's, since Kate usually sits in her lap during the meetings. Kelly and Curt are a vital part of the ministry and they balance each other wonderfully. May God bless Kelly. Next when I walk into the office, I usually see Richard Warner. Richard usually has a money question for me. He is very organized and his skills are such an asset to Lagniappe. We would be in a mess if we didn't have Richard to manage our data! He is usually moseying around, checking on the food supply or making sure the mail has arrived. Richard is so great and we are glad he is ever present in the office! Our next beautiful face is Carol. Carol is one of our social workers. She has such a heart for the people of Bay St Louis/Waveland. Carol is one of those people that you just could listen to for hours, because her stories are well told. We are glad Carol is here with us to bring new friends to Lagniappe, as well as help us reach out to all of the folks in our county. Carol is quite fashionable and she is just great to be with. Sarah Denton is in her little office at Lagniappe. She is so awesome at following up with yall, meeting your needs, coming to tell you about Lagniappe, and is generally a wonderful encourager and fun to work with. Sarah is very organized and we are so glad she is part of the family. Sarah is beautiful and a very, very hard worker. After a couple of hours sharing ideas, facts, numbers, we all head back to our offices/cubicles/etc to work. I get to go home with baby Kate and I love hearing from my team leaders. You have all been so great to work with and have been very patient and organized. Thank you for your work, and keep bringing great teams to Lagniappe so that you can meet all of our wonderful staff, many of which are not pictured in this post!!!!

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