Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bridgefest-Bay St. Louis to Pass Christian

The thrill of victory. No agony of defeat. Not even the next day. The LPC staff at the end of a 4 mile race/walk across the bridge. Some ran. Most walked. The registration fees benefited 'Hope Haven,' a local ministry in Waveland. Several hundred attended the event.
Special T's read, "Slow Lagniappe Playing." From left to right, Kari, Ruth, Sarah, Ryn.
Kate sporting a special T. Kate strolled across the bridge with her mother Cammie. The pair enjoyed the beautiful weather and dancing to a local band after the event.
Nothing to be proud of. I led the pack as a walker ahead of slow women and fat men.
This pair was on the return trip and yes, were ahead of this fat guy. The times they are achangin.

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