Sunday, March 02, 2008

What's Yo Waw?

YoWAW 2008 He has a plan, ya know! So...what's it gonna be? Jean spent last weekend in Brevard NC with several hundred PCA high school kids. The YoWAW Conference is a missions and ministry learning opportunity for high school students as well as their leaders. Its design and purpose is to challenge and equip the student for a life of ministry by allowing them to interact with those who are already involved in missions and ministry both in and out of the PCA. Jean was there at the invitation of MNA ShortTerm Missions Director, Arklie Hooten. Jean led the youth leaders track which was attended by nearly 50 PCA Youth Ministry Leaders, and focused on practical advice and encouragement for youth leaders in the context of their own ministries. This was a great opportunity for PCA kids to learn about getting involved in Kingdom work and using their gifts to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Thank you Jean for representing us this year. Jordan Sikkema and Tom Hart represented us last year by leading a practical hand-on exercise. Their sessions included building two Lagniappe Sheds of Hope on the Ridge Haven Retreat Center, which exposed and engaged the youth in Word AND Deed Ministry. Thanks Arklie for keeping the restorative work on the Gulf Coast in the front of the PCA.

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Lakemont Youth Ministry said...

I was one of the youth workers in Jean's seminars. It was a blessing to hear his testimony about "how messed up people make the best missionaries" I am thankful for Jean's transparency and I am thankful that he took a weekend to be with us and the Kidos!
Krystal Lyon
Lakemont PCA, Augusta Georgia