Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Update from the Frontier

The Twins near general completion with volunteer assistance from "The Cross", a Greek Christian Ministry group from the University of Tennessee. This Fraternity/Sorority organization spends part of their bi-annual trip of 50-60 members to Lagniappe completing the painting, floor caulking and other assorted finishing as well as hanging doors. The Cross seeks unity in the body of Christ, to work how he worked and love as he loved. Jesus sought out the most devastated places and so do they, helping the cities of Bay Saint Louis and Waveland work to restoration. Nearly overnight, walls and a roof have risen at 522 Meadowlane, thanks to the dedication of our Nebraska volunteers. For many of these students, this is their first time working with Lagniappe, but they work with such assuredness that one would never guess. They volunteer often in Nebraska 'in all sorts of capacities', and now they're adding construction experts to the list. They're ready to begin roofing, and the house looks better every hour! The house on Hudson Street, belonging to Bridgette Vincent, is coming along beautifully. Lagniappe agreed to help Ms. Vincent after she spent all her money on building materials and contractor costs, only to have the contractor take the pay without completing the work. Out at 'Andrew's Pillars' on Ruby Street, there is now a base for the eventual house on top of the concrete pillars, built by the hands of many volunteers. updated by Cassie Phillips & Guru Dragonfire, AmeriCorps *NCCC

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Andrew said...

Yay for Andrew's pillars!

(from a different Andrew, at NCSU)