Monday, March 17, 2008

Restoration Update

Court Street is where the old City Hall was located prior to the storm. It was an "important throroughfare" according to Camille Tate, who is part of the Main Street Project and working to revitalize the downtown area. A group from Knoxville, TN is working inside and out to give the street a bit of a facelift, which will hopefully encourage businesses to return. The group was washing windows, mowing lawns, whacking weeds, and sweeping out the building- all resulting in a much noticeable difference. Groups from Auburn University and University of Nebraska are working hard this week on a home for Renee Jensen, the daughter of the Bay St. Louis "Bread Man," Al Jensen. Although some of these volunteers have construction experience, many do not, and this is their first time in The Bay. They are currently putting up the framework for the house. Another group from Knoxville, TN is hard at work repainting a house for the elderly parents of Mr. and Mrs. Martin, who live in Bay St. Louis and want to bring Mrs. Martin's parents closer. Lagniappe has agreed to help prepare the house by painting the outside. A third group from Knoxville, TN is assisting in the painting and trim (including mudding) of 2 houses on W. Newton St. affectionally referred to as "The Twins".

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