Monday, March 03, 2008

Thanksgiving, Another Non-nine Leper Attempt

It is 3:40 on a Monday morning and so far I have received 48 phone calls and made 36. Too all of you who are ever frustrated that it is hard to get a hold of me on the phone, it is and that is why. I feel like that is a fair amount of phone calls. We have had our NCCC team (a volunteer team that we get for 8 weeks through a government grant, kinda like the local peace corp) probably out running back and forth between 4 jobs and Home Depot all day. My HVAC guy is at one house and my electrician is roughing in two others today. We have a foundation being poured today and another beginning to be dug. On top of all that our 70 volunteers are out at 5 different jobs and houses. It has been a hectic Monday but good so far. One of the phone calls was from a Waveland inspector, we set a temporary power pole in which the meter base ended up being to high. He called to let me know that I needed to set a platform so the meter base could be reached and then he would pass me and get the power hooked up. Great, taken care of. Often it can be a struggle to work with inspectors, this guy knew Lagniappe was doing the job, searched out my number, gave me a solution and took my word for it that I would follow through with and take care of the problem. A smooth helpful relationship with a building inspector, a real answer to prayer. Secondly we have a team working at Delta Sevin's house. Ruth was able to get upwards of $15,000 worth of materials through grants for Delta. This house has actually moved quicker than expected and tomorrow we will need the doors, trim, flooring, etc. all which is on the second grant that we have not gotten back yet. Ruth checked on it today, the checks had come in today we can pick up the material tomorrow. The team will finish the paint today and tomorrow will start using the material. I needed to stop on this hectic day and thank God for providing, although they may seem like small things they are extremely important in many regards from keeping teams busy, moving houses faster allowing more work to be done, to finally making my life less stressful and my job more enjoyable. So all of you for praying for us thank God for answering your prayers and thank you for praying. Keep praying because it is working.

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