Monday, March 31, 2008

The Progress of Restoration

Out at the Pillars, on Ruby St., a group of thirteen from Redeemer URC, in Indiana, is hard at work. They're bolting the deck to the house, which is no easy feat, considering the height of the house! They hope to get to the siding and roofing this week. This is an ambitious group! Thanks so much, y'all! The "Twins", our two sisters on W. Newton, are nearly complete! Last week's volunteers finished up the painting and flooring, and today appliances are being delivered! It seems that very shortly, these two houses will become home to some truly grateful residents. This house is currently having its interior done, the drywall is spackled and is now being sanded in preparation for paint. The Meadow St. Team is currently tooling up for a plumbing and electrical inspection, as well as cleaning up and preparing for drywall, and is currently composed of a coalition of western North Carolina Presbyterian churches, including Covenant Presbyterian Church out of Hendersonville, Trinity Presbyterian out of Ashville and other churches from Burnsville. They dedicate their time to the great need they see here in the bay, and heard of Lagniappe from an email post to the Eldars of the respective churches. Posted by: Cassie Phillips and Guru DragonFire, Americorps NCCC*

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