Sunday, June 18, 2006

Amazing Grace

Much has happened in the past three to four weeks, much more than ever happened before and yet the blog postings have dwindled. We finally have our own facility up and running and most importantly we have plenty of teams working out in the community. We have had ridiculous stories such as spoiled chicken trucks and new freezers, jail and hospital visits, answered prayers and many things to pray about its just that it is so busy and now we have teams which we have contact with every night it is harder to blog, but back to the many teams running in the community. We have close to 200 people here to staying, working, and eating at Lagniappe. This is our biggest weak as far as numbers go but it is also a very big week as far as sustainability goes. Jean, Andy, and Curt all have to go to general assembly in Atlanta for the Presbyterian denomination. This is a chance for us at Lagniappe to raise support, recruit teams, and find prayer from the entire denomination. Of course this has to be the week that we are running over capacity and have our biggest work crew ever. I haven't had a complete day off for over a month, yesterday was the closest with an afternoon spent on a shrimp boat out in the Bay swimming, I am running on fumes. The only time that I am able to be excited about this week and not completely overwhelmed is either if someone is praying for the week or we are singing Amazing Grace. Of course, with either prayer or song I am barely able to keep from weeping due to the emotional drain that all of this is taking and knowing how much I need to be held and rely on the Lord through all of this. Moral of the story is, please pray, pray, pray for all that is going on here. Please pray that our teams will have work, please pray for Jean, Curt, and Andy at general assembly. Pray that we all stay healthy with the lack of sleep and long hours and sickness that is already getting to a few of us. Most of all, pray that the kingdom will advance this week inspite of all of us broken vessels and pray that we will trust that all that goes on this week, probably one of the biggest weeks in the short but not intense history of Lagniappe is in the Lord's hands and that He is working all of this out for His purposes.


mom said...

Know that we are constantly lifting you and the ministry up in prayer! ". . . I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will cxarry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you." Is. 46:4b. What an amazing promise to rest in!

Missions Team said...

Jordan, all of the Westminster Presbyterian team (in IL) want to thank you for your tireless work (or should I say EXHAUSTING efforts?) We are praying for you & all the Lagniappe staff & interns this week. After Jean & the others get back from GA, I'll contact you to set up that time to talk we never had last week.

Tom McClelland

Anonymous said...

Hi Jordy,
I think and pray for you often. I read this today and thought of you.Ps. 121:5 ..."the Lord is your shade at your right hand".

Bruce from Hanover, Pa