Thursday, June 01, 2006

what a week so far

I'm sitting in the new building, (not new construction, just a new home for Lagniappe). I've got a fan blowing on me and I'm still managing to sweat profusely. Across the room the "kitchen" is getting ready for supper. The real kitchen is still being worked on. Mike "THE MAN" Palombo was just here, arranging things with Kenley our new home building mananger. The interns are out who knows where doing who knows what. I do know that Kim and Emily went on an all expense paid shopping trip for Lagniappe. The Pinebelt boys are working on the bathrooms, getting sinks put in, everything else is done except for the tiling and the ceiling. Progress is easy to see, but I can't wait for an office with A/C. It's a blessed few moments when you can get in the car and ride somewhere with the windows up and the A/C on. Jean and his family are somewhere in the British Virgin Islands taking a well needed break from this place. I'm still waiting to hear on my vacation trip...Condo in Gulf Shores anyone??? I've been on the phone non-stop all day, I have a headset and were it not for that my neck would be unable to move. It has been incredible. I've had to plug my phone in since 12 PM because I've worn the battery out, as it charges I've been talking it back down. The last 2 hours of my life, have been on the phone with everyone in Louisville that I could think of who can help load the truck that we are using to move. It was a little late and the help we had had to leave before it even arrived. Tomorrow morning, they'll be here with the truck and we'll be "moved" but not settled. We'll live in Jeans house because the builders haven't finished our house for at least a week I guess. We do have a mostly finished house to move in to. We'll hope that comes together soon -- you can pray for that every day. I'll try and keep you updated on that. You can pray for general organization and sanity for all of us down here. Many of you have started a business before, imagine starting 4 at once with volunteer labor. Church, construction company, hotel, food service. Keep us in your prayers.

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