Thursday, June 22, 2006

from GA to shining GA

Jean and I are dead on our feet. I know the BSL folks would argue, but standing up all day shaking hands and telling people the story of Lagniappe has worn me out. I have never been this tired from a "trade show" but the PCA and the thousand people I've talked to has been both refreshing and tiring. It's great to see old "brothers and fathers" like Palmertree, Habig, Sessions, Duncan, Jordan, Downing and soo many more...and I even shook Tim Kellors hand in an elevator. The kingdom is so big. We are trying to raise 1 Million dollars this week for the ongoing work at Lagniappe. Tomorrow (in 13 minutes it will be tomorrow...) we are going to the EPC GA and will meet many people there. We are at the HO-JO motel in Rome Ga, and will be waking up in 6 hours. The desk clerk said "6 AM is too early, you should sleep till 7..." If he only knew, I'd love to sleep till 11. The Kingdom is so much bigger than I ever imagined. I don't know why it suprises me, but somehow it has been made more clear in my mind than ever. Jean fell asleep watching fox news, I had to blog, you guys need to know what is going on. Talking to Conrad on the phone today, it sounds like things in the bay are going really well. No panic stricken phone calls all week. Miss you guys. We'll be home soon. Pray that we'll be functional tomorrow. I know we'll still be tired, we are picking up JLF IV in Birmingham tomorrow night or Saturday and we'll be headed home ASAP. Hope ya'll have a good night.

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Anonymous said...

Know that you all are being prayed for. It is amazing to get a glimpse of how big his kingdom is, and we really don't even have a clue, but it is good to come across other believers from all over the country. Just a word of encouragement. A million dollars sounds like such a HUGH amt. of money, yet the Lord has promised he will provide for our every need. Lagniappe will get whatever the Lord knows she needs. He is sovereign and you guys are fulfilling your called responsibility. He will do the rest. We are praying for your strength too. Becky D. (Haley's mom)