Sunday, June 18, 2006

Reality Check

So we haven't kept the blog up as much as we should have this past week. This photo tells the story of the energy level on Thursday afternoon at 4 pm. Last week was tough, many staff had a tiring week. As you can tell in this photo the interns have been exhausted with work. The struggles each day are different, but the heat stays the same. Walking 20 feet to your car from an air conditioned house, will drench one in perspiration. Don't get me wrong, things are going well here, but life is hard some times for all involved. But no one here is backing down, no one came to Lagniappe to stay or work in a 5 diamond resort. We all knew it was going to be ugly, dirty, grimy and broken...just like my heart. We haven't been disappointed. We've just had confirmed that what we are doing is real, it's heartbreaking. It's breathtaking, it's fun, it's very, very tiring. Ultimately at the end of the day, what we see is none other than seeing the very hands of God at work, restoring hearts, homes, lives and so much more. Jean preached this morning about the "chickin' truck of my heart". I think it has been one of the most profound sermons that I've heard in a while. Most of us have heard the "try harder" gospel of self. Jean's illustration of the broken refrig truck that failed and spoiled in the BSL sun, as a metaphor for our hearts was so telling. We need a mp3 recorder to be able to publish those sermons on the web. I think you'd enjoy them. Many of you have been praying also for our housing situation. Praise Jesus, I'm sitting in the A/C of my own home, with Cammie and Kate and we have moved in and things are great (other than a quick visit from RotoRooter). Jean, Curt and I leave for General Assembly this week. I've never been, to GA or Disney Land. I guess there is a first time for everything. I'd rather go to RYM. I think next year we need to have a booth at RYM recruiting teams and churches to partner with us. I'll have to talk to JFL III about that.

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DCM said...

Please, please work on getting Larroux's sermons in mp3 and putting them on this site.

Wishing y'all every blessing in Christ,

David C Meredith

Smithton-Culloden Free Church, Inverness, scotland