Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Could this be Just One Day

Posted by Picasa The day picture is the view out of my office at 2 O'clock this afternoon. If you will notice the bunkhouse in the background, trusses are still being put up. Another picture is of the folks staying in this bunkhouse tonight. We are at capacity with the six bunkhouses that we now have available, one of which was finished at 10 o'clock tonight. Teams worked on this all day long. We had two teams framing up the bunkhouse, another team that came in and put hurricane straps, insulation, and Tyvek up and finally the team that needed to stay in the bunkhouse tonight came in and pushed through to finish this project so they could sleep. Welcome to Lagniappe, could you go work 8 hours to finish your bunkhouse so you have a place to stay. That doesn't even cover our electrical team that stayed up until midnight last night to finish wiring the place so they would be out of our way and make all of this work possible today. All the teams have been incredible and more than excited to help us accomplish our needs. Dave and Eric, two of our interns, along with James, a high schooler back to help us from and earlier trip, took alot of the responsibility and coordinated and made this happen while I was able to shoot out to Gulfport to get some shoes that were needed ever since unloading a truck full of rotten chicken. Work went on until 10 o'clock tonight to make this happen. This is just the beginning of what has happened today. We have 3 teams totaling about 40 people working on foundations for 3 homes we are hoping to build next week. They have been digging and working hard out in the hot sun with now shade for this whole week to get to the point where the next step is concrete. Unfortunately, we could not get concrete until Monday. Conrad and myself went over to the plant and Conrad laid it out that we needed help to accomplish our goal. We had to get concrete set so our team next week from Orangeburg could frame up these three houses and we could get moving on these families homes. While talking to the dispatchers at the concrete plant things didn't look good seeing everyone is so booked for work down here. As we were there their headquarters called and they handed Conrad the phone instructing, convince this guy and you can make it happen. Conrad told who we were, what we needed and about these families we were helping. We got concrete, this means our teams slaving all week in the sun are able to see their projects to fruition, we meet our deadline enabling our Orangeburg team to frame these houses, and my worst fear of teams not having work for the day was averted. As Jean says God is only as good as His last home run to us. God continues to provide over and over for us and we get in a tough spot and we still worry. God provided more than ever and this may have been one of the greatest days I have had at Lagniappe. It was day of many first that I was blessed and excited to be a part of but just a few more stories in a long list of blessing and provisions that He has provided for in our short existance. I can't help but weep and smile while writing about this. And still on top of all of this I had a team take our problem of not having enough mattresses for our volunteers tonight, go out and find what we needed and provide what we needed for our remaining beds. A volunteer also spoiled me and took care of my dire need for new shoes. And again still on top of this we had a gutting crew, electrical work, shed teams, 9 more shed teams dropped off, visiting with residents in the community, and on and on go on. As Curt believes, God is not providing all of this and filling all of our physical needs to not see spiritual needs met and see His kingdom advance in Bay Saint Louis. Please keep praying for the people of Bay Saint Louis to know this God that provides for us folks who are not OK and advances His kingdom inspite of us. This blog is long and full of many run on sentences I'm sure but moral of the story is God is good, God is sooo good.


Andy said...

atta boy jordy

Anonymous said...

What a day! Kudos to the groups from Calvary PCA, Peace PCA, and the "Georgia Boys" from Atlanta for going above and beyond the call of duty...lots of sweat equity was poured that day!!!

Dr. Mike said...

Amen... God is good!