Monday, June 19, 2006

just another day

Jean, Curt and I are in Atlanta at General Assembly. I've never been to GA before, but it was pretty interesting. I know many of you wonder what exactly we are doing down at Lagniappe. I'll give you a bit of a blow-by-blow of today. Scheduled Departure time: 5:00 AM. Wake up 4:30 AM. Packing and last minute preperation (so I thought) 4:45 AM Text Jean and see when he's coming 5:00 AM Call Jeans phone to see where he is. 5:15 AM call Kim's phone to find out where Jean is. 5:16 AM Jean calls back to say that he's over slept. 5:50 AM Jean calls to say that he had to run by the church...seems he misplaced some important things up there 6:15 AM Jean arrives to pick me up. 6:45 AM Realize we've forgotten some of the carpenters pencils that we were bringing to give away. 7:45 AM Missing items found. FedExing planned 8:45 AM A/C isn't cooling well. Stop at Hardees in Mobile. 9:00 AM Missed turn for I-65, noticed a A/C place for cars. 9:35 AM finish A/C charge, get back on the road. Thanksgiving for providence 10:00 AM Jean makes phone calls, and more phone calls, and oh, more phone calls 11:35 Pit stop. Lunch 3:00 PM Atlanta arrival 3:15 PM Try and find Hyatt 3:45 PM Try and find Hyatt 4:00 PM Arrive (finally) Ok, you get the picture, but our day included stops at Office Depot, Office Max, Best Buy and getting to see some old friends. We also managed a couple of moments out by the deck overlooking the pool with some friendly pigeons. I photographed a couple of them just for fun. Pray for us, long week ahead, families back home missing us. Not to mention Jordy and the LPC team back in the Bay. Pray for the week ahead, we need to raise a substantial amount of money for long-term support. We set up a booth and have a lot to do tomorrow starting with a breakfast meeting with the Oversite Commission. I'm going to bed. Posted by Picasa


Ben said...

Hilarious, Andy! This reminds me of just about every single trip or family vacation I've ever been on. My world runs 2 hours late no point in getting in a tizzy about it.

And as a born and bred Atlantan, please let me welcome you to the so-called "jewel of the South". I predict y'all will enjoy your first day or two...and then be counting down the seconds until you get to leave. The city (read: traffic) seems to have that affect on people.

We're praying for y'all as you try and raise support and cast Lagniappe's vision at GA this week. I trust it will resonate well with a crowd that is thirsting for the expansion of the Kingdom. Take care and God bless!

Andy said...

Today was a good one... Good things are in the works. Keep praying.